Visiting With More Sportsmen

This past week Russell Country and the Great Falls Tourism BID attended the Washington Sportsmen Show in Puyallup, WA. I’ve finally figured out how to say the town name (Puyallup) but spelling it requires a quick double check.

When we had a booth at the sportsmen show in Denver early January it seemed like we visited with more people interested in fishing, primarily fly fishing, but we did have questions about all types of fishing available in the area.

This show seemed to turn out more hunters. I expected (and we had) big game hunting questions, talk about the hunting license draw, and also questions about our state Fish, Wildlife & Parks block management program. We also had folks who were interested in varmint hunting.

The hunters we spoke with are used to driving quite a few miles from their home state to harvest game. We had several people tell us that Montana simply has more big game animals and enough wide open space that you can see them. It was great to hear all of the positive comments.

We also visited with people interested in our dinosaur trail, scenic tours, motorcycle trips and history. And, we had a lot of fun giving out Montana’s “Get Lost” stickers.

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