Two More Montana Bale Trail Photos

It’s difficult to limit this to just two more Montana Bale Trail photos.

This haybale entry in the What The Hay contest was titled Marg-hay-ritaville and it showed three beverages, all different colors.

Every year when I drive the What The Hay route during the Montana Bale Trail event I am amazed at the cre-hay-tivity with the entries.

This entry would have required some scupting and possibly some welding to get the stands for the glasses.

I am sure some people start their brainstorming process for next year’s entry right after they complete the current year. When I’m driving along looking at the bales I always say, oh yeah, why didn’t I think of that!

This next bale entry would have been a lot of advance work. I believe chicken wire is used to form the shapes on many of the bale entries, then straw is stuffed into the wire holes.

Wild Bale Hickock was definitely a show-stopper and the more you look at it you wonder just how the haybale artist did the design. Very amazing!

The Montana Bale Trail event happens the first Sunday after Labor Day each year. The What The Hay entries are the main lure but there is a lot more. Arts and crafts are available for purchase in several places, local foods are for sale and you can get a glimpse of rural Montana life up-close.

The event takes place in central Montana between the communities of Hobson, Utica and Windham.

It’s already marked on my calendar for 2012.

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