Time to Talk Food

We were in Dupuyer, MT for the community’s annual Grizzly Day and you probably can guess that there was yummy food available.

It was a difficult debate for me – Indian tacos out of Wanda’s Food Bus (yes, it looks just like a school bus), or, tacos in a bag from one of the community organizations.

The line to Wanda’s Food Bus was long but we decided to wait. Then we saw someone walking by with a taco in a bag and decided that looked very tasty too. Oh my goodness, did it taste delicious. Here’s how you make it- a bag of Doritos chips cut open, the chips form the base, put seasoned cooked hamburger on top, add grated cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa and, if you like, sour cream. You can eat it with a fork or more chips. OK, I didn’t say it was healthy, just tasty!

Following our taco in a bag, we opted for a “Scoop in Dupe” or translated, it is ice cream in Dupuyer. Huckleberry was my choice and it hit the spot.

I loved the Scoop in Dupe sign so I managed to get a photo of it and someone getting their anticipated treat.

While we ate our ice cream we listened to cowboy singer/guitar player/story teller Billy Chiles. He sang and sang without taking a break. I believe he was from Idaho and he played some great old-time cowboy songs.

I wish my Mom would have been there. She would have enjoyed the music as much as I did.

If we had stayed a little longer, we could have participated in the Great Dupuyer Creek Duck Race and a roast pig barbecue.

Yup, great food and good times in Dupuyer!

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