Snowshoeing in the Little Belt Mountains

Last weekend I began my Saturday with reading a list of things to do. While I was debating which task to start first, a friend called and asked if I wanted to go snowshoeing at Silver Crest Cross Country Ski Area near Kings Hill Pass.

Well, I didn’t take too long to respond with a “yes” and then I said I could be ready in 30 minutes. Boy, did I scramble! I hadn’t been on my snowshoes since last year. I knew they were in the garage but somehow, summer stuff gets in the way – hoses, rakes, lawnmower – all were stacked in front of winter gear.

I’m thankful my snowshoes are bright orange and easily spotted. Poles were next, then, what to wear. The weatherman predicted it would be sunny which makes any day feel warmer. A few layers were packed in my tote bag along with some water and snacks. Out the door I went with not even a glance back at the list of chores on the counter.

US Hwy 89 was mostly clear of snow, although there was just a bit when we got close to Kings Hill Pass. The parking lot at the winter recreation area had a few cars and it looked like almost everybody was going cross country skiing.

I strapped in to my snowshoes, forgot my water bottle in the car in my tote, but had my camera.

Off we went on one of the marked trails and in about 2 minutes we were in beautiful fluffy snow surrounded by tall pine trees. And, quiet and solitude. What a good feeling!

We did encounter two different groups of people snowshoeing but that certainly didn’t make it crowded. In fact, we took the opportunity to catch our breath and stop and visit with each group.

As we worked our way back to the trailhead we saw a few more X-C skiers starting on trails and I could hear more vehicle activity in the parking lot. It was tempting to turn around and do the trail all over again.

Well, I was thirsty and eager to get to the snacks I had packed. I was also ready to rest!

This weekend I’d like to do that all over again.

We’ll see if snowshoeing wins out over the to-do list.


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