Scenic Overlook at Fort Benton

I’m on the road a lot and I love it. There are a lot of scenic overlooks in our beautiful state because, well, we have a lot of scenic beauty.

The overlook at Fort Benton is one where I almost always see a car parked with someone taking in the spectacular views of the Missouri River bottom and the bluffs that hug the community of Fort Benton.

The interpretive panels at the Fort Benton overlook detail several eras in this rough and tumble town’s history. Lewis & Clark, steamboat, homesteading and Native American history are well preserved and displayed throughout Fort Benton’s museums and the Bureau of Land Management’s interpretive center. Gone is the “rough and tumble” part and that has been replaced by a tip of the hat to how history has shaped a new era for this town.

Start your visit to Fort Benton with a look from above at the scenic overlook.

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