Scenic Drive West of Choteau

I’ll admit, we were heading to a destination west of Choteau but even if we weren’t, it still would have been a gorgeous drive in Central Montana.

After a quick stop in Choteau, we drove 4 or 5 miles north on US Hwy 89, then turned west on the Teton Road. If you haven’t driven this road in a while, it’s a new experience. It’s amazing what some new asphalt will do. That road is as smooth as, well…you get the picture.

As you drive west, the Teton River is on your left and ranches and hayfields are on your right. You also pass by Eureka Reservoir, so close to the paved road you could almost cast from the car. No, we didn’t!

Seventeen miles west of US Hwy 89 we turned left onto a gravel road, then drove across the Teton River and past a cluster of mailboxes. Right after the mailboxes we veered right on to the South Fork Road.

On the drive you see the stunning Rocky Mountain Front forming a perfect backdrop to rolling ranchland. The terrain begins to change after you drive towards the mountains and all of a sudden you see more timbered ground, the road is a bit winding and ultimately you enter in to Teton Canyon.

You also pass by the trailhead and interpretive kiosk for Ear Mountain, a noted rocky cliff face on The Front.

In this area you get used to a fairly constant breeze, OK some days its a definite wind! Today’s breeze had a sharp chill to it and I suspected it rolled right over the snow in those distant crevices.

Dramatic, spectacular and downright pretty are some great adjectives to describe this drive along Central Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front. What a great day!

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