Ready for the Montana Bale Trail

It was time to paint Russell Country’s annual entry in the Montana Bale Trail – What The Hay contest this past Thursday.

This annual quirky festival happens the first Sunday after Labor Day each year. Every year I say – I’m going to come up with something clever! Every year we do the same entry – 26 bales stacked and painted with Welcome to Russell Country! I suppose there is something to be said for being consistent.

As we were driving back from our afternoon of haybale decorating, we saw several bales uniquely stacked and I’m sure they will transform in to cleverly decorated bales. We didn’t see anyone painting although things are usually pretty top secret before the day of the event.

To attend this funĀ event, drive the paved routeĀ from Hobson to Utica to Windham, or go the other direction. You’ll find lots of food for sale at restaurants and bars and there are also craft sales and other cafes (such as the MidWay Caf-Hay) set up along the way.

Take a drive and enjoy the humor and hospitality of central Montana. Even if you can’t attend on Sunday September 11th, many of the bale entries are up for the following week.

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