Pretty Photos of Giant Springs

When we were at Giant Springs State Park the other day I took several photos of the spring.

The water bubbling up from the freshwater spring (156 million gallons a day) is at a constant temperature of about 55 degrees year round. That temperature seems to make the park a cool respite on a hot summer day. During winter, that temp will help create some of the most beautiful frost that you’ve ever seen.

Obviously, this manicured state park is a photographer’s dream.

In this photo you can see part of the rock shelving at the spring, also the Missouri River and the bluffs in the background.

A concrete sidewalk allows park visitors to walk completely around the active freshwater spring. It seems strange to have water surrounding you when you walk the path – rapidly bubbling water on one side and flowing water on the other side.

Here’s another close-up photo of Giant Springs.

I could have stayed at the park much longer to take many more photos but our tour group was ready to follow the Missouri River east and view a couple of the waterfalls.

Giant Springs State Park is open year round. It’s one of the most visited state parks in the summer – for many reasons.

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