Passports for Dinosaur Travelers

Members of the Montana Dinosaur Trail have developed a passport for the fourteen museums on the trail.

For $5 you get a very official looking passport with the logo for the dino trail on the cover, a page dedicated to each museum, fun fossil facts about the dinosaur fossil found in each area, artwork depicting each dinosaur, a place for field notes and the passport stamp.

Each museum on the Montana Dinosaur Trail has their own unique stamp. If you are able to visit all of the museums and get your passport stamped by them, you’ll receive a certificate of completion and a tee shirt that proudly states that you have completed the entire trail of dinosaur museums.

The dinosaur trail passport is a great Montana souvenir, it’s unique and it’s fun for both kids and adults.

Treat your budding paleontologist to a trip along the Montana Dinosaur Trail with their own passport. It will be a fun road trip and some great education to top it off!



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