Mighty Cool Buffalo

I was at the Great Falls International Airport the other day and my camera was on the front seat of my car. As I rounded the corner to head to the parking area I noticed a painted fiberglass buffalo. Well, I’ve noticed it many times but I’ve never had my camera that handy!

There was a car close behind me so I made the loop in front of the terminal and around the parking area, then slowed down when I came back to the buffalo. I want you to know – there was NO traffic behind me this time – so I came to a stop and did a point-and-shoot.

Here’s the photo and I think it turned out pretty good!

During the Lewis & Clark bicentennial commemoration in 2005 the C M Russell Museum sponsored “The Herd” which was a collection of fiberglass buffalo all around Great Falls. Different artists each painted¬†a buffalo and they were auctioned at the end of the commemoration.

You can see a variety of these buffalo all around Great Falls. It was a fun campaign and I’d love to see another one with a¬†different animal.

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