Lunch In White Sulphur Springs

After we left Heaven On Earth Ranch we drove on a gravel road south towards White Sulphur Springs. I don’t think we saw another vehicle for at least a half hour and everyone was quiet, just enjoying the spectacular scenery.

We finally saw a vehicle near the Camp Baker turn, almost to White Sulphur Springs, then a few more pickups as we approached town.

If you haven’t been to White Sulphur Springs, it’s a town of about 1,000 people located near the junction of US Hwys 89 and 12. This junction is the beginning (or end, if you are driving south) of the King’s Hill Scenic Byway. The Byway is 71 miles on US Hwy 89 through beautiful scenery and the Little Belt Mountains on both sides of the road. A drive on the King’s Hill Scenic Byway will take you over King’s Hill Pass and past the entrance to Showdown Ski Area.

The town of White Sulphur Springs is named for the hot sulphur springs right in the middle of town. More on the springs later.

It was after lunch time and we were all hungry. For me, it was all that exercise putting that worked up my appetite!

We stopped at the Cornerstone Deli in White Sulphur and, as you may imagine, it is on a corner and in a stone building. A really cool stone building!

This place is absolutely charming.

Lunch entrees were varied and we had a difficult time making up our mind.

I noticed they had gluten free bread and used a lot of recycled paper products. The menu touted fresh food, homemade food, vegetarian entrees and plenty of options to create your own sandwich or panini. OK, they had my vote!

You can also order box lunches to go, a great option that would be handy if you were in a hurry or planned a nearby hike and wanted lunch packed.

Well, lunch was delicious. I took a menu so I could dream about my next road trip on US Hwy 89 and what I would eat at the Cornerstone Deli!

We were about ready to leave and someone said they noticed ice cream. OK, we had 9 more holes of golf to do and we needed our strength.

After analyzing the ice cream flavor options, we made some tough decisions and left with delicious and generous servings of Wilcoxson’s ice cream.

We all loved the Cornerstone Deli in White Sulphur Springs – great people, great food!

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