Lunch at Coaches Corner in Conrad, Montana

I attended a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce in Conrad this week held at Coaches Corner, a local restaurant that sits just off the town’s main street.

You have to look for Coaches Corner but once you find it you realize it is just about a half block from the main street – one of those gems the locals know about.

For the meeting we had a set menu of burgers and fries and I was able to get a quick photo of one serving before the recipient got their hands on it!

Hearty appetites take note – this burger will fill you up! Probably the best way to describe it is thick, juicy and larger-than-the-bun by quite a bit.

After the meeting I visited with the owner and took a few more photos.

Coaches Corner is usually just open for evening meals and their standard open time is 4:30pm. However, they are very willing to open and serve groups at other times with advanced notice.

I glanced at their menu and it is extensive – burgers, pizza, steaks, salads, a lighter-fare section and seafood. They also serve beer and wine.

We ate in the main dining area for the meeting I attended. I absolutely loved the blue booths!. You also have the option of eating or having a beverage at the counter and there is a private meeting/banquet room.

The owner had been busy getting Christmas decorations out and she had obviously gone to a ton of work.

Although, she told me she was not done decorating.

It’s her favorite holiday and she has many more decorations to put up. I always have great ambitions of decorating-to-the-hilt and I usually end up with a few hastily set-up decorations.

What’s the favorite, most-frequently ordered item at Coaches Corner? According to the owner it’s their pizza. Next time that’s what I’ll have to order!

There were some other interesting decorations at Coaches Corner and this sign was one of my favorites. It isn’t the best photo but it says “Hamburgers – Stop in and ‘Ketchup’ With the Best!”

I’ll be back.

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