Lunch at Brooks Market

Last week I was in Lewistown and timed my first stop around noon at Brooks Market.

Brooks Market is easy to find – located on the corner of Main Street and 2nd Street in a beautiful building.

When you first walk in you’ll see one wall devoted entirely to wine – wine that you won’t find at the typical grocery store outlet. It’s fun just to read the labels on some of these bottles!

There were probably eight people in front of me at the counter ordering their lunch. I was meeting a friend for lunch and, as I looked around, I only saw about 3 tables for seating. Oh great, I thought, these gals will take up all of the tables!

Well, after I placed my order, I followed those same people through an open archway into another huge room with lots of available lunch tables! Whew!

But, back to the menu. I decided on a salad, and it was called the Hansen Dam salad. My only wish is that it would have been nice if their menu would have given me some history about the name.

The salad (Romaine, spinach, mandarin oranges, raisins, craisins and walnuts topped with raspberry vinegarette) was absolutely delicious and pretty to top it off! So pretty that I took this photo of it.

I noticed other salads dubbed Carter’s Pond and Crystal Lake. Crystal Lake is a beautiful forest service area nearby that I am familiar with. Carter’s Pond and Hansen Dam are probably local fishing sites.

My friend ordered a grilled wrap sandwich and she rated it tops. The cucumbers with ranch dressing on her selection looked yummy too. Presentation was colorful and that is always part of the appeal.

Names for the sandwiches were taken from area mountain ranges – Moccasin Mountain, Snowy Mountain, Crazy Mountain (a “crazy” combo of roast beef, turkey, provolone plus veggies on sourdough), Belt Mountain and Judith Mountain.

There is a separate pizza menu for Brooks Market and choices of white or whole grain crusts. And, for my gluten-intolerant friends, gluten free pizzas are also on the menu.

The building that houses Brooks Market is well worth a look. Divider panels in the large dining area are actually doors taken from former upstairs entryways. It’s fun to just look at the unique architecture while you are eating.

I grabbed a menu to keep for reference – yes, I do travel for delicious food!

On their menu the tagline after Brooks Market says “Great Food, Great Friends, Great Place to Meet”.

I agree!

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