It is Appropriately Called Awesome Autos Etc. Museum

Last week I was in Chester, Montana for a meeting. After the meeting and lunch we stopped in at a place called Awesome Autos Etc. Museum.

Located right on US Hwy 2 across from Chester’s Lions Park, Awesome Autos was easy to find.

The neat and tidy looking metal building holds an absolute treasure of vintage and not-so-vintage automobiles along with some former business signs that will bring back memories.

I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’d like to say right away that this museum exceeded my expectations by a million miles!

As you tour the museum you’ll be reminded that the building parallels US Hwy 2, and right down the middle of rows of autos it looks like a highway complete with white striping down the middle row.

Each end of the building has the correct highway signage. One side has a US Hwy 2 West sign, the other has a sign saying US Hwy 2 East. Our tour guide pointed that out, otherwise, I was so impressed with the autos I probably wouldn’t have noticed until the end of the tour.

No detail has been overlooked in creating this museum.

As I entered the building my first glimpse was a beautiful jukebox. OK, they had me loving the place right there!

The entry floor and floors throughout the museum are large square black and white tiles taking me right back to the 50s and 60s. Yes, I’m “of that era”.

Even the restrooms have been cleverly disquised as Ruthie’s Diner.

Old parking meters, old gas pumps, I could go on forever about the beautiful details in Awesome Autos Etc. Museum.

But, the real treasure is learning “the story” behind each automobile.

One story was about an elderly gentleman who finally agreed to part with his vehicle. He had one last wish and that was to drive it again. He did just that and drove it around the field and onto the trailer that would take it to it’s new life at Awesome Autos.

I saw cars reminiscent of the gangster era where the doors opened opposite of what my car’s doors do. That makes it much easier for gangsters to fire their guns but if the wind is blowing it could take that door and send it flying!

I saw kit cars (I hadn’t heard of them) but they are auto pieces in a kit that you build yourself.

Trivia I learned – license plates used to be attached to the front window of the auto. Actually, I learned so much trivia I need to go back and tour again just to absorb it all!

The website for Awesome Autos Etc. Museum says “when you have time, stop by”. Then it says “Take Time”.

I agree 100 percent. This place is truly a treasure and a must-see museum.

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