I’m Loving Our Fall Colors

I’ll be the first one to admit that we get wind in Central Montana. My comment to that is we have plenty of fresh air, no stale air pollution here!

The downside to wind in the fall is that our beautiful fall foliage tends to be short-lived. I’m not sure what’s different about this year but I’ve found “a photo op a  minute” in several different directions when I’ve been out driving.

Tonight I drove southwest of Great Falls, taking the frontage road (old highway) to Cascade and then to the Hardy recreation area.

I didn’t see anyone wading or in driftboats near Cascade but I did stop and take this colorful photo. That’s the Big Belt mountains in the background and the Missouri River.

My timing was perfect for catching some fishermen on the river upstream though, squeezing in that last cast to land “the one that was THAT big”.

As I rounded Pelican Point fishing access site and started in to the Hardy recreation area I was rewarded with several boats near the silver bridge.

The light was good when I was closer to Cascade but it wasn’t the best as I worked my way upstream. There was heavy cloud cover that hadn’t been around when I started my drive.

Still, the scenery looked great and I ended up taking a lot of photos.

These are just a couple of many photos I took on my short drive. If I had more daylight I would have kept on driving further into the canyon on the frontage road.

I only ventured about 36 miles from Great Falls. My advice is to get out and enjoy the scenery while you can. Pretty soon those beautifully colored leaves will be gone.

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