Fundraiser For Big Sandy Skate Bowl

If you know me, you know that I am NOT someone who rides a skateboard!

It sure looks fun though and I get a kick out of watching all ages hop on a board and jump into a curved bowl of concrete. You gotta be filled with adrenaline when that happens!

On my way to Chinook last weekend I stopped at the rest area in Big Sandy (US Hwy 87).

Earlier in the week I had seen a poster for a fundraiser for the Big Sandy Skate Bowl so I decided to check out the city map at the rest area and see if I could find where the skating activity was occurring.

Big Sandy is a fairly small town, less than a thousand people, so it didn’t take too long to find the Skate Bowl.

As I drove up I could see a pretty good sized crowd, then I saw the Skate Bowl. It’s located across the street from the school, and there is also a swimming pool, park area with kids’ activity toys, then the Skate Bowl.

This was a family affair, complete with lawn chairs, people sitting on the lawn, kids playing and a barbecue fundraiser going on.  Does idyllic America come to mind here?

I watched for awhile, then got my camera out.

As I was taking some photos I started visiting with one of the skaters. Josh is a Big Sandy local and you could see the pride he had in this Skate Bowl.

I commented that there was no graffiti in the bowl and he said they hoped to keep it that way. First of all, it would certainly change the character of the area if there was graffiti. It also makes the concrete slick for skating and ultimately erodes the concrete. It’s amazing what you learn just by asking a few questions!

This Skate Bowl was funded largely by Big Sandy native Jeff Ament who is a member of the band Pearl Jam. Ament was there for the fundraiser and I hope he realizes what an investment he has made in this community. An investment in beautification of the area where the bowl is located, an investment in the area’s youth and also an investment that can bring travelers to town to stop and use the park, visit local eateries and shops.

I’m not sure how old Josh is but I saw a variety of ages using the Skate Bowl. Their fundraising goal is to expand with another concrete form and I believe a ramp…this lingo is a bit out of my realm!

I do know that people were out enjoying each other’s company, supporting the community and investing in their future.

I’m glad I stopped by the Big Sandy Skate Bowl. Hopefully, their fundraising will be successful and they will be able to expand in to a larger skate park and be an even greater attraction for skate boarders.

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