Colors of Fall at Great Falls’ Waterfalls

I was touring some friends around Great Falls the other day and lamented the fact that the water levels in the Missouri River were so low.

After I said that I realized that work was being done at one of the hydroelectric power dams on the series of waterfalls and that could certainly have been the reason for the water draw-down.

We drove along River Road past Giant Springs State Park, then stopped at one of the two overlooks to Rainbow Falls and Crooked Falls. I soon realized that the low water levels had created some stunning photo ops.

Green moss and what looked like underwater shrubs were poking out of the low water creating almost a spring-like look. The multiple layers of shale, a pretty mixture of several shades of red and brown, also added to the mix.

We all grabbed our cameras and began looking for the best angle to capture the beauty.

We ended up stopping at both of the overlooks for Rainbow and Crooked Falls and each gave us different perspectives of the falls.

Another funny sight along the way was seeing ducks and geese sitting on sandbars with water a few feet away. Well, we all have our favorite spots to sit and I decided they must like the view from that position, even if the water had receded!

Leaves on area trees are just beginning to change so we don’t have a big variety of color in foliage yet. The waterfalls gave us that pretty spectrum of colors though.

It’s time to get out for some scenic drives, camera in hand!

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