Can’t Forget Russell’s Log Studio

After our wooden “horse ride” at the Children’s Discovery Room in the C. M. Russell Museum, we decided to visit the log studio. I always feel the studio is a true glimpse of Russell as an artist, moreso than his home which is also located on the one-block museum complex.

We walked through the gift shop at the museum on our way to the studio and there were some very tempting items, a lot of things I had never seen before. I really like to poke around museum gift shops but we decided we were better off just using our time for exploring.

If I take adult first-time visitors to the Russell Museum in Great Falls, I always point out the teepee poles stored under the roof overhang of the log studio. When I am touring with a 2-year old, you notice other things, typically a little lower to the ground!

As we entered Russell’s log studio a knowledgeable staffer gave a “Russell Minute”, some fun facts about the studio that really did last just one minute! From the eyes of a two-year old, it would have been more fun to get on the other side of the glass that exposes all of Russell’s studio. It was neat to see the desire of a child to know more though.

The C. M. Russell Museum and Russell’s log studio are open year ’round. The Russell home is closed during winter months. The museum has changing exhibits, speakers and workshops throughout the year.

We had a great visit and I hope the Great Falls Museum Consortium continues their annual museum sampler day.


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