Buffalo Joe’s and the Buffalo Wallow Lodging

When I first heard about a new saloon, a restaurant and a small motel being built in the little community of Dupuyer, Montana I had my doubts. I wondered if it would really happen and if so, how would it turn out.

A few weeks ago I was able to see the finished products of this huge investment in Dupuyer. In fact, I had lunch at the restaurant and thoroughtly enjoyed it.

US Highway 89 runs through the middle of Dupuyer and this new development is on the east side of the highway – definitely easy to find!

First, let’s talk about Buffalo Joe’s Saloon and Eatery. The decor is “Old West” which fits perfectly in Dupuyer. Artwork on the wall is from Choteau artist Jim Utsler and it is for sale.

I was there at lunchtime and was hungry. After reading the menu I ended up ordering a burger and fries. In hindsight, this is a burger that could easily be split with someone else! Some notes about my lunch – these large burgers are all hand patted and my fries were made from potatoes grown nearby. Yum!

My friends ordered the soup of the day and a roll. Darn it, I wanted that too, especially after I found out the rolls were made fresh at a local Hutterite colony.

Buffalo Joe’s serves prime rib every Friday and Saturday nights and, they will serve grilled prime the next day if there is any left. That would be my favorite since I like my prime rib well done. Yes, I can hear some groaning from all you rare prime rib eaters! Monday night is a limited menu with a special of tacos and pitchers of margaritas.

Other menu items include seven different burgers – a bison burger and also a black bean vegetarian burger. Appetizers looked good too, from bratwurst bites, mac/cheese bites, wings and gizzards to pulled pork nachos. I probably wouldn’t try the gizzards but the rest all sounded good to me! There was a nice range of salads and a couple unique ones that caught my eye – a warm red cabbage salad and vegetarian chef salad made with chickpeas.

It’s going to take me awhile, quite a few trips to Dupuyer, to try all of these!

Buffalo Joe’s has a full bar, some gaming machines, an enclosed outdoor patio and a huge lawn for special events.

The 12-unit motel is called the Buffalo Wallow and it is located directly behind the outdoor space that adjoins the restaurant. Amenities include WiFi, cable TV with flat screen TVs, a fridge and microwave.

This Main Street investment is a huge game changer for the community of Dupuyer. There is a nice bed & breakfast on the other side of the highway but an additional 12 rooms with a restaurant and lounge will help anchor Dupuyer as a base camp for hikers, bikers, basically anyone getting out to enjoy recreation along the Rocky Mountain Front.

Next time you are cruising on US Hwy 89 stop by Buffalo Joe’s for a meal. Better yet, plan ahead and book a room so you can watch the beautiful sunrises and sunsets along the Rocky Mountain Front.

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