Browning Firearm Collection

The C. M. Russell Museum is thought of as an art museum and it’s certainly that and much more. The artist’s log studio filled with Native American artifacts is one of my favorites but I was also intrigued by the Browning Firearms Collection just off the main lobby of the museum. This collection used to be tucked away in a far corner in the basement – it is finally in a highly visible area of this huge museum.

I was at the museum for a meeting the other day and didn’t have much time but I did snap a quick photo of this impressive collection of firearms. The lower level of the museum also has an interesting collection of pistols, cleverly displayed in the Ah Wah Cous room.

John Moses Browning was known as an innovative gun maker. The collection named after him includes rifles, shotguns and handguns. An interesting fact I discovered when looking at the collection was that Browning and Charlie Russell died in the same year – 1926.

John Browning also worked for Winchester and Colt and you’ll also see some of those firearms in the collection.

We get so many visitors to our tourism region during hunting season. I just wish all of those hunters knew that they could see a very amazing collection of firearms at the Russell.

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