Back At The Corrals

As we rode down our last mountainside for today’s trail ride at 7 Lazy P ranch we came through a gate with a little Montana humor posted nearby.

In case you can’t read the writing on this pretend tombstone it says “Here Lies the Last Hombre Who Didn’t Close The Gate”.

Enough said – we closed the gate!

We had a great ride today and we were all thankful for a rain-free day. Even though we rode for quite awhile we took frequent breaks, dismounted our horses and stretched so we didn’t have any sore muscles.



When we were at Triple J Wilderness Ranch near Augusta I took a photo of this window decoration in my room.

Yes, I’m beginning to feel like a cowgirl! Well, I feel like a pampered cowgirl who has her horse ready and saddled and her lunch for the day packed.

Our area guest ranches do a great job of making guests feel welcome and pampered. The ranches share their heritage and a way of life unknown to many.

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