Another Get Lost Billboard

I was on my way to Lewistown from Great Falls last Friday and as I was cruising along US Hwy 87 I saw this Get Lost billboard painted on the Prairie Past Museum’s building in Stanford.

No, I didn’t come to a screeching halt but I made a mental note to stop on my way back later that day and get the photo.

It’s very visible as you cruise through Central Montana – truly one of those “can’t miss” deals!

The part you can easily miss is the town itself.

An easy turn (one of a couple) will get you right into Stanford. You’ll see residences and then the Judith Basin Museum (my favorite display at this museum is a display of over 2,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers!).

The museum sits adjacent to the courthouse which has a dramatic flower-lined entrance and a bucking horse statue on the lawn. There’s a photo op!

My next favorite part about Stanford is their flowers. From the forest service ranger station to an antique store to several local bars, all have joined together to make main street beautiful.

This year’s flowers are autumnal colors and they seemed to be at their peak. Jeez, if mine could only look that good! I took photos up and down the street and yes, I received a few curious glances.

It’s worth a little time out of an afternoon drive to stop in Stanford and check out downtown.

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