A Visit to Cowgirl Camp

A cowgirl and her pup posing by the corrals.

I’ll let a little secret out – I’ve always wanted to be a cowgirl. When the opportunity came up to visit a cowgirl camp called Horses N Courage, I jumped at the chance.

This is the fourth summer of operation for Horses N Courage cowgirl camp and each year has seen more amenities added to the camp. Operating south of Lennep in the Crazy Mountains, the views are simply spectacular. I could see the Castle Mountains to the north and that big blue sky that Montana is known for was like an umbrella over me every where I went.

Kent and Sarah Hereim operate Horses N Courage with assistance

Tents nestled in the aspen grove at Horses N Courage

from their daughter. Each camp is four days long and everything is provided for participants. I visited with Sarah and asked about this week’s participants. One group had three gals who came together, another had two, and one brave cowgirl came on her own. They were from three different states and most had discovered Horses N Courage on Facebook.

The camp is a version of glamping – camping with glamour. Different sizes of wall tents were nestled in an aspen grove, each one resting on a wooden slab. The tents are furnished with cots, carpets, bedding, pillows – the comforts of home under Montana’s big sky!

Getting ready for a morning ride

Cowgirl camp participants were saddling up for a morning ride. They had each ridden in the corral the night before to make sure they were a match for their horse. Before arriving at Horses N Courage, each of the participants had filled out a form with details about their riding abilities, so matching horses to rider was a bit easier. All of the cowgirls looked excited, some might have been a bit nervous, but they were eager to go. I watched them as they left the camp and part of me wished I was on a horse with the group. The other part of me knew I didn’t have time!

Sarah and I wandered over to Sawmill Trading Post, a new addition to this year’s camp. High top tables with comfy stools,

Sarah relaxing in the Sawmill Trading Post

some Horses N Courage apparel that was for sale, and plenty of eclectic d├ęcor all combined for a relaxing visit as we sipped lemonade in the shade. With two open walls this would be a perfect location to watch a sunset and banter about the fun had on the day’s ride.

Another new addition that was almost complete is a hot tub. And what a view you’d have as you soaked and soothed away some seldom-used muscles that just had a workout on that horseback ride!

I didn’t want to leave. Sarah and I could have visited forever but

Kent ready to lead the cowgirls on their morning ride

I had more stops to make that day and I was already behind schedule.

I’ll be back, next time riding over that mountain on a horse matched to me, and a cozy tent waiting when I return. I’ll wake up in the morning to the rustling of aspen leaves and the aroma of some cowgirl coffee coming from the cook tent.

Oh yeah, I’ll be back.

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