A Successful Lewis & Clark Event

Great Falls’ Lewis & Clark Foundation sponsors an annual event called The Trail Mixer and I was fortunate to attend it this year.

The event was held at the Mansfield Events Convention Center and included dinner, many silent auction items, artists painting and then their artwork was auctioned in a live auction. Quite a few other unique auction packages were also sold by live auction.

This photo shows the “Instant Wine Cellar” auction package.

Other items in the live auction included travel packages (trips to NASCAR races and Cabo San Lucas), catered dinner events in private homes or at the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, and airline tickets.

It was fun to see what brought the crowd to life during the auction.

Four different artists had “mini studios” set up and they were finishing their art work while event attendees mingled around them.

Additional paintings were displayed behind the artists.

This photo shows Great Falls artist Tom English and the other artists in the background working on their pieces.

It was a fun time at The Trail Mixer and the money raised will go to support the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center. A win for everyone!

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