A Real Horse Drive

You always hear about cattle drives but we watched a real horse drive at Triple J Wilderness Ranch near Augusta. The horses were moving from the upper corrals to a lower meadow. We positioned ourselves out of the way in case they got to running too fast. The horses must have known there was some tasty grazing waiting because they really took off running.

This photo was taken after the horses passed by me and the wranglers were following a road to the grazing area. I didn’t realize I had captured the magnificent background with rugged mountains and snowcapped peaks.

The ranch owners said this was a favorite of guests to see and it was absolutely majestic. By time the last of the herd loped past us there was dust flying, the sun was setting and the wranglers were bringing up the rear to make sure all the animals got to the meadow.

It was beautiful to see and I could have watched it all over again!

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