A Quick 9-Holes at Choteau

We are off and running this morning. We had dinner at the Elk Country Grill and spent the night in the charming community of Choteau at the Stage Stop Inn. Choteau is located right on US Hwy 89. The highway goes through town and splits at one point to go around the Teton County courthouse.

Choteau has amazing recreation opportunities with the Lewis & Clark National Forest and Bob Marshall Wilderness nearby. And, don’t forget the golf course!

The Choteau Country Club golf course (open to the public) overlooks the town and when you are facing west you see the beautiful Rocky Mountain Front. This photo shows one of our group with a portion of the mountains in the background.

We’ve had a few lightning-caused fires in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and it seemed somewhat hazy but I didn’t sense any smoke in the air.

There was a golf tournament scheduled at the Choteau Country Club the day we were there, starting at 10am, so we hustled our golf game along. We may have set a record for the course. There were 3 people in our group golfing and we completed 9 holes in 1 hour and 6 minutes. Whew!

Jeff and Melodie Martinsen, publisher/editors of Choteau’s weekly newspaper, The Acantha, rode along with us for our speedy game of golf. I noticed their business was also a tee sponsor so I asked them to pose by the sign. A great, colorful photo!

We finished our speed-record round and then sat down and chatted with Jeff and Melodie while the tournament began. It had warmed up and everyone enjoyed relaxing on the outdoor patio at the Choteau Country Club.

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