A Perfect Putt and a Soothing Soak

At Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course in White Sulphur Springs we had to absorb some pretty strong and chilly wind.

I was bundled for the weather and I wondered how it would affect my putting. Well, based on some of my putts it wouldn’t make much difference but I do want to hit the ball in to the cup with one swing every now and then.

I listened carefully to advice from three putting coaches but you can only control the wind so much.

My putting seemed right on this time and one small tap on that little dimpled ball and it rolled just exactly where it was supposed to go. Yes!

A little geography lesson (after you analyze my putt) – you can see the “castle” formations on the Castle Mountain range behind me.

We finished our nine holes of golf at Arrowhead Meadows and retreated to the club house to visit with local golfer Bill Dodson. Bill has done a lot to spur golf interest in White Sulphur Springs and we appreciated his time to play the course with us.

After dinner we enjoyed the town’s namesake – the hot sulphur springs.

We were staying at the All Seasons Inn and Suites, grabbed our swimsuits and headed over to soak. You access the hot pools filled by the underground springs at the Spa Hot Springs Motel. It only costs $5 to soak and $1 extra if you need a towel.

No chemicals are used in the hot pools and they are drained every night. When you first enter the lobby you instantly sense the sulphur in the air. After you are in the water though you realize that the sulphur has a therapeutic effect.

Many years ago Native Americans would come to this area to rejuvenate themselves. It was called the Valley of Peace and the tribes that came to experience the hot springs didn’t fight.

Our time in White Sulphur Springs was coming to a close. We packed a lot of activities in to our stay!


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