A Castle – Are You Kidding?

You don’t always associate a castle with Montana but White Sulphur Springs boasts one standing proudly and overlooking the town. The Castle Museum was a treat to see – beginning with a recently constructed carriage house and gift shop. Docents lead you through the Castle and give the history of this stone sentry.

You can also soak in the hot springs in town. The Spa Hot Springs Motel surrounds one large pool and two smaller pools. There are no chemicals in the water and it is drained every night and replaced with fresh water. At first”, the sulphur smell seems strong. Then you become used to it and just start enjoying the therapeutic heat from the water. You don’t need to be a hotel guest to soak, just pay your pool fee and in you go!

As we drove around White Sulphur Springs, I decided someone must have a pretty good sense of humor because the fire hydrants are all painted with pretty unique designs! I’ve also decided that everyone in this area must golf! Arrowhead Meadows Golf Course is at the edge of town.

We turn north from White Sulphur Springs onto US Hwy 89. This is one end of the Kings Hill Scenic Byway and we will follow the byway for its entire 71 miles. As we travel, the terrain changes and we are in the Little Belt Mountains. I wish we had time to stop and hike back to Memorial Falls but we’ve spent too much time at our earlier stops. I point out the parking area to my buddies and tell them they need to start planning a return trip. We drive over Kings Hill Pass and past the entrance to Showdown Ski Area.

Two small towns, Neihart and Monarch, are next on the route, then the scenic overlook at Sluice Boxes State Park. I’ve hiked Sluice Boxes before and have done birdwatching there too, so now I’m wishing we had one more day to experience what I know we are missing.

And really, all great road trips should end with the desire to return and see more!

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