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Spring Wheat

A grass crop, spring wheat starts to grow soon after it is planted in the spring. Eventually, a green stalk will emerge with a few smooth dark green leaves. A head emerges at the top of each stalk and begins to develop kernels. Different varieties of wheat vary greatly in the number and color of the kernels in a head. Once the kernels are mature, the plant will begin to dry, turning dark gold before harvest. Spring wheat starts to grow later in the season than winter wheat. Spring wheat does well both under irrigation and as a dryland crop.


Wheat is the third most produced cereal grain in the world. Hard red spring wheat, the most common form of spring wheat grown in Montana, is used extensively to make breads and rolls. Hard red wheat is also blended with soft white wheats to make the all-purpose baking flour found in most homes. Montana wheat is exported for use around the world, and sold locally.

Central Montana Spring Wheat

Scientific Name


Growing Season

Planted mid-April to mid-May. Harvested end of July to early September.


5.243 million bushels in Cascade, Chouteau, and Judith Basin Counties. 104.71 million bushels in Montana.

Did You Know?

  • The U.S, is the 3rd largest exporter of wheat in the world.
  • Montana is the 2nd largest producer of spring wheat in the U.S.
  • Montana produces over 19% of spring wheat in the U.S.
  • Combining spring, winter, and durum wheat, Montana is the 3rd largest producer of all wheat in the U.S. and grows over 200 million bushels annually.
  • A bushel of wheat weighs 60 pounds.