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Old North Trail in Central Montana

“One of the oldest trails known to mankind.” The Blackfeet called it the “Old North Trail,” following it along the east side of the Rockies from their northern hunting grounds to their southern winter encampments. Approximately 25,000 years ago it extended across the ice bridge from Siberia southward into Mexico. Inquire at Old Trail Museum in Choteau.

Markers can be found along the trail.

  • Choteau - Travel 20 miles west of Highway 89 on North Fork of the Teton Road and on South Fork of the Teton Road.
  • Bynum - Travel west of Highway 89 on Blackleaf Road.
  • Dupuyer - Travel 17 miles west of Highway 89 on Swift Dam Road.
West of Choteau
West of Choteau
The Rocky Mountain Front