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Old Forts Trail in Central Montana

This supply wagon trail marks the sites of early settlements of traders who transported goods from Fort Benton to Canada.

  • Fort Benton - Traveling along US 87 north you'll come across Old Fort Benton, the "Birthplace of Montana." Once a hub for trade and travel along the Missouri River, today a stop along the trail provides travelers with a day of sightseeing at the Museum of the Upper Missouri, levee, fort and Museum of the Northern Great Plains.
  • Fort Assinniboine - Begin your tour of one of Montana's largest frontier military posts at the H. Earl Clack Museum in Havre. The Fort had a large post trader's operation which included a general store, saloon, restaurant, hotel, barbershop and the area's first official Post Office. Today, remnants of this post remain, and guided tours are available by appointment. More
  • Fort Walsh and Fort Battleford - Continue north into the Cypress Hills and the historic site of Fort Walsh (1875); then farther north yet to the site of Fort Battleford (1876) on the North Saskatchewan River. These former Northwest Mounted Police posts give today's visitors a taste of the Canadian wild west.
Fort Assinniboine
Fort Assinniboine