Fort Belknap Buffalo Reserve Aaniiih Nakoda Tours

The Buffalo Reserve is open only to guided tours. Tours can be scheduled by phone or upon arrival. Admission charge is based on group size. RV, camping and picnic facilities are available.

Since 1974, the tribes of Fort Belknap have been rebuilding a buffalo herd as part of their wildlife management program. Beginning with 27 buffalo, tribal members have worked hard to strengthen their herd. Our Snake Butte Buffalo Pasture encompasses approximately 22,000 acres and has 500+ head of Buffalo.

We also feature a pure genetic herd from the Yellowstone park. These buffalo can also be viewed on one of our tours as well.

Visitors travel to several excellent wildlife viewing sites, including a large prairie dog town that is a site for the highly endangered black footed ferret.

Pronghorns, the fastest land mammal in North America, can reach speeds approaching 60 mph. They are year long residents here and graze near prairie dog towns in association with buffalo.

Golden eagles are often seen soaring above the buffalo reserve in search of prairie dogs and other prey. More than 115 species of birds have been seen here, including sage grouse and the rare mountain plover.

Snake Butte, the imposing wall of rock that looms over the buffalo reserve, has great cultural significance to the tribes. Petroglyphs and tipi rings can be found there.

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