Kremlin Montana

Elevation: 2,795 Population: 58 County: Hill

Kremlin is a Great Northern station surrounded by native buffalo grass that still grows on the plains. Two ideas persist concern the town's name: "It is said to have been named because the Russian settlers saw the citadel of Moscow in the mirages that appear on the surrounding prairie." And "Russian settlers in this wheat country named their town for an old-country term meaning fortress." Although many of the early settlers were Russian, there are many Scandinavian names in the list of early settlers as well. In 1913 the Great Northern Railroad constructed a depot there to handle the implement and equipment shipments coming in for homesteaders who were pouring in. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

Fresno Reservoir, near Kremlin, has 7,388 surface acres and 65 miles of shoreline, offers good fishing opportunity for walleye, northern pike, and perch. Facilities at Fresno Reservoir include a concrete boat ramp, picnic shelters, and a swimming beach. Fresno Reservoir Campground has tent and trailer sites and handicapped accessible restrooms.

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