Hingham Montana

Elevation: 2,998 Population: 112 County: Hill

Hingham, on the Hi-Line, is a shipping and storing station for stock and grain. The Hingham Review reported in 1911, "We now have a thriving town in which 20 firms are doing business this time last year, there was no semblance of a town here." Peter Carrier had come in on the Great Northern in 1909, bought some real estate and began developing a town. By 1912 elevators were built and a hospital and drug store opened. Hingham was perhaps the best town on the Hi-Line in those early days. It was euphemistically known as 'the progressive city, a city built on the square.'

The Hi-Line is a much-used Montana term which indicates both the route laid out by the Great Northern Railroad and U.S. Highway 2 where it traverses the windswept, glaciated plains and shallow valleys of northern Montana. Much of the Hi-Line follows the Missouri and Milk rivers, extending roughly from Poplar past Fort Peck Reservoir, to Glasgow and Malta, Chinook and Havre, and on to Shelby, Cut Bank, and Browning, ending up in Glacier National Park. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

Hingham is not far from Fresno Reservoir, which has 7,388 surface acres and 65 miles of shoreline. It offers good fishing opportunities for walleye, northern pike, and perch. The reservoir has a concrete boat ramp, picnic shelters, and swimming beach, and nearby you can park your RV or pitch your tent at the Fresno Reservoir Campground.

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