Grass Range Montana

Elevation: 3,526 Population: 121 County: Fergus

East of Grass Range the plains of Montana unfold in endless miles of stark beauty. Bear Gulch Pictographs bear evidence to the fact that people have inhabited the Grass Range area for centuries. Many paintings (pictographs) and etchings (petroglyphs) on the sandstone cliffs predate the arrival of the horse in the 1730s and are more similar to plains cliff art than to other pictographs found in Central Montana.

War Horse National Wildlife Refuge lies east of Grass Range. Part of the larger Charles M. Russell Complex, War Horse NWR consists of three semi-permanent lakes. War Horse provides habitat for many animals and upland game birds and when the lakes are full, provides important habitat for migrating waterfowl. Hunting, camping and hiking are available at War Horse.

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