Floweree Montana

Elevation: 3,172 Population: 137 County: Chouteau

Floweree is named for Texas cattleman Daniel Floweree, who came to Montana in the 1860s gold rush. In 1873, he brought 1500 head of cattle over the Chisholm Trail to what is now Chouteau County, where he established a large cattle and horse ranch using the F Triangle brand. The post office was established in 1910, and the town grew into a lasting community with a mercantile, a school, grain elevators, and other businesses serving the surrounding farm familits. The post office closed in 2004 after 94 years of operation.(Copyright 2009, Montana Historical Society: Montana Place Names from Alzada to Zortman, Montana Historical Society Research Center Staff)

Portage National Historic Landmark, Carter Ferry on the Missouri River, and Benton Lake. Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge covers 12,383 acres on the western edge of the Great Plains, near Great Falls, Montana. The lake is actually a 5,000-acre shallow marsh in a closed basin created by the last continental glacier to occupy the area. The gentle rolling refuge uplands are dominated by 6,000 acres of native short grass prairie. Approximately 700 acres of former cropland has been planted to dense nesting cover, a mix of tall growing grasses and legumes. Water for refuge marshes is supplied by natural runoff from the small Lake Creek watershed and by water pumped from Muddy Creek, a stream 15 miles west of the refuge. The refuge lands support a great variety of water birds with both nesting and migration habitat. A 9-mile auto tour route is open to the public for wildlife observation. About 4,000 acres is open to public hunting of game birds.

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