Chester Hosts Christmas Stroll

What a better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to attend a Christmas Stroll in one of our small rural towns.

Chester, Montana is located on US Hwy 2 about midway across the state from east to west on what we call the Hi-Line. Amtrak rolls through town but you would need to drive to Havre or Shelby to catch it.

Chester recently rolled out the red carpet for their annual Christmas Stroll by saddling some mule teams and giving wagon rides through town.

You could find some snow in yards but the streets were bare and the mules probably liked it better that way.

It was chilly though – look at how bundled these riders are! Well, it is December and we want it to be a bit wintry for events like this.

Besides wagon rides, retail stores were open and Liberty County’s new and spacious Senior Center temporarily housed Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus.

If that wasn’t enough, you could have hot soup, homemade pie and coffee at the Senior Center.

Chester’s landscape is changing with the addition of two new fast-load grain elevators. This is grain-producing country and town seems to be hopping with all the new activity.

I might add though that Mr. & Mrs. Claus seem pretty relaxed this close to Christmas. They must have started their shopping before Chester’s Christmas Stroll!

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