2 Basset Brewery Plans January 2016 Opening

If you are strolling Main Street in White Sulphur Springs you’ll walk right past the future home of 2 Basset Brewery. And, if you are lucky you’ll see Leroy and Stanley, also known as the 2 Bassets, monitoring construction progress on the building.

An auto parts store and also a Gambles Hardware store have occupied this same location but the property has been vacant for awhile.

Cue Barry and Chris Hedrich – they’ll soon be pulling taps at White Sulphur Springs’ first brewery.

I had a chance to visit with the owners a week ago and also take a tour of the building.

My favorite part of the building at this point is the ceiling. It’s an old-time tall ceiling that has been covered in a decorative shiny tin. Very nice!

Brew vats are located at the back of the elongated building and a U-shaped bar will soon be in the front.

The Hedrichs will be using wheat and barley grown and malted in Meagher County. We talked about hops and Barry agreed it would be nice to have his own locally grown supply but growing conditions are a bit dicey for that product in Meagher County. There are some locations in Montana experimenting with hops but no known quantities yet. I’m glad to see local wheat and barley being touted for their brews.

I’m eager to see the finished building and to have 2 Basset up and running in White Sulphur Springs. Projected opening is January 2016.


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