Beartooth Wildlife Management Area

Beartooth Wildlife Management Area's goal is to provide wildlife habitat for a variety of species, primarily elk, and to provide recreational opportunities.

Hunting opportunities: Permit-only rifle seasons for deer, elk and antelope are open to licensed hunters. Limited opportunities exist for upland game birds.

Wildlife viewing: All of Montana's big game animals live on or visit the Wildlife Management Area at various times. Upland gamebirds, songbirds, raptors, furbearers and numerous small mammals can be found through much of the year. The Wildlife Management Area is closed to all visitations from the end of the big game hunting season until May 15 each year.

Events in Great Falls
Star Party
Great Falls, MT
Oct 7 - Apr 14
Great Falls Youth Orchestra
Great Falls, MT
Nov 20 - Mar 26
First Friday Art Walk
Great Falls, MT
Jan 6 - Dec 1
Big Sky Quilts Exhibit
Great Falls, MT
Feb 1 - Feb 28
Charity Sing-off Kick-off
Great Falls, MT
Feb 1 - Feb 25
Music at The Do Bar
Great Falls, MT
Feb 3 - Feb 26
Jeremy Paul, “Synonymous”
Great Falls, MT
Feb 4 - Feb 28
Urban Art Project Winter Exhibit
Great Falls, MT
Feb 16 - May 5
“The Russell Exhibition”
Great Falls, MT
Feb 17 - Mar 16
Ice Rage II: Global Meltdown
Great Falls, MT
Feb 25
Whitney Rose
Great Falls, MT
Feb 26
Proclamation Ceremony
Great Falls, MT
Feb 28
Stacked Blocks Home Decor
Great Falls, MT
Feb 28
Places to Stay near Great Falls
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