Historic Trails in Central Montana

Fort Assinniboine, Havre

Central Montana is a crossroads of history - home to Native American cultures, explored by Lewis and Clark, and site of some of the earliest settlements in Montana. Several trails trace the paths of these historic events as they pass through Central Montana.

  • Lewis & Clark Trail:
  • This trail follows the route taken by the expedition as they explored westward along the Missouri River.
  • Whoop Up Trail:
  • This trail was carved by bootleggers and traders transporting illegal whiskey and goods across the US/Canadian border. Later, merchants bartered for legal supplies along this major thoroughfare.
  • Old Forts Trail:
  • This supply wagon trail marks the sites of early settlements of traders who transported goods from Fort Benton to Canada.
  • Nez Perce Trail:
  • The Nez Perce's long flight from the US Army follows this trail from Oregon and Idaho. Forty miles from freedom, near Chinook, the last battle resulted in their exile to Canada and Oklahoma.
  • Old North Trail:
  • "One of the oldest trails known to mankind." The Blackfeet called it the "Old North Trail," following it along the east side of the Rockies from their northern hunting grounds to their southern winter encampments. Approximately 25,000 years ago it extended across the ice bridge from Siberia southward into Mexico. Inquire at Old Trail Museum in Choteau.

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