Beaver Creek Park

Beaver Creek Park is a part of a unique area in northcentral Montana plains country, the Bears Paw Mountains. The park is a 10,000-acre strip along the north slopes of the Bears Paw Mountains, about one mile wide; 17 miles long and is one of the largest county parks in the nation.

Within this Natural Recreation Area are rolling grasslands, pine woods, aspen and cottonwood groves, rocky cliffs and cold rushing streams. There are 2 lakes for fishing opportunities, camping is available and wildlife abound. Beaver Creek Park now offers the Bear Paw Nature Trail a 3.5 mile trail with "bear paw" markers which when used in conjunction with the "Bear Paw Nature Trail" GPS brochure and interpretive panels highlights the flora, fauna and history of the area.

Events in Havre
“Sweeney Todd”
Havre, MT
Oct 19 - Nov 3
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  • 17863 Beaver Creek Road
  • Havre, MT 59501
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  • 17863 Beaver Creek Road
  • Havre, MT 59501
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