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Twodot, Montana Community Information

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    Photo courtesy: John Whelan, Twodot Wilson Ranch

Twodot was named for "Two Dot" Wilson, local a cattleman who got his nickname because his brand was two dots placed on the shoulders and hips of his cattle and horses, which made it very difficult for a thief to alter the brand.

Two Dot was never one for dressing up, and one time in Chicago, having arrived with a load of cattle, he was arrested for vagrancy because he was so dirty and unkempt. He asked the policeman to accompany him to the bank, and when it was verified that Wilson had just deposited more than $10,000 he was set free. The incident had begun as a practical joke. A couple of cowhands who had accompanied Wilson to Chicago thought it would be fun to play a trick on the boss—they were the ones who pointed him out to police as a vagrant. But Two Dot found out about their conspiracy and went them one better—he took the next train home and left them in Chicago with neither money nor a return ticket. (from Cheney's Names on the Face of Montana, Mountain Press Publishing Company)

Two Dot was built in 1900. The Jawbone Rail Road arrived in the fall of 1899 and the town of Big Elk, a few miles to the south, was moved to the rail head and became Two Dot.

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