Waterfalls at Peak Flow

Today I stopped at the Black Eagle Falls overlook just off River Drive by Eagle Falls Golf Course in Great Falls. There were several other cars there too, all looking at the spectacular water show. I saw two other people with cameras, all capturing the amazing water.

With recent rain (lots of rain) and mountain runoff, we are at peak capacity and some areas of the region are having flooding. The series of waterfalls near Great Falls all have hyrdoelectric power dams on them and some of the flow can be regulated. Sooner or later though, that water has to go downstream!

Today was mostly cloudy, not the best for taking photos, but there is still quite a bit of drama visible with the water roaring over the rock shelving below the hydroelectric dam.

Black Eagle Falls was noted by Captain Meriwether Lewis June 14, 1805 when the Lewis & Clark Expedition was portaging the waterfalls near Great Falls. Black Eagle Falls is the uppermost of the falls here.

Captain Lewis noted that he looked across the river and saw an eagle nest in a tree. He also mentioned he didn’t think it was the safest or best place for a nest. He further wrote in his journal that he saw immense herds of buffalo in the area. Well, I didn’t see any buffalo today but if you close your eyes and listen to the roaring of the falls you can imagine the buffalo.

This photo is taken looking north across the river from Black Eagle Falls overlook. The center strip of land is named Tailrace Island and it’s an amazing place to launch a canoe or kayak. There were no kayakers today – it would definitely be a wild ride with all that water.

Now is the time to experience thundering waterfalls – grab your camera and record the moment!


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