Touring the Highwood Mountains

A few days ago I went with a group to do birdwatching in the Highwood Mountains. Our primary goal was to follow a bluebird trail and the gorgeous scenery was just icing on the cake!

We did bring a bluebird expert along so he assisted in checking some of the existing bluebird boxes. OK, he did more than assist!

One box needed to be replaced, probably due to a cow or other animal bumping in to it. The box was estimated at 12 -15 years old and had actually held up well.

We replaced the bluebird box, a pretty easy task if you happen to be with our bluebird expert. He had a bluebird spare box and the necessary tools in his car.


Not only did we see bluebirds, we saw a plethora of other birds. We had rain the week before and that brought out the green in the grass to the point where you almost couldn’t believe it! Wildflowers, mountain vistas, and oh yeah, birds…we were in heaven.

To get to the Highwood Mountain bluebird trail,we drove east from Great Falls to the turnoff for Belt, drove down the hill, then through Belt. All of a sudden the terrain began to change and we entered the Highwood Mountains.

Maybe it’s time for you to gather some friends and go exploring!


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