The Geese Are Here

It’s ltime for our annual migration of tens of thousands of snow geese. The largest staging area in Russell Country is at Freezout Lake WMA between Choteau and Fairfield, MT. Another great viewing area is Benton Lake Wildlife Refuge north of Great Falls.

There is open water at both locations, its still chilly north of Montana, so migratory waterfowl are just hanging out, feeding on grain stubble to get lots of energy for the rest of the ride north.

Binoculars are a plus but the spectacle is so great that you can see liftoff and all of the activity even if you don’t have optics with you. I’d recommend taking a camera though.

My next advice is that you can find a great cup of coffee in either Fairfield or Choteau. A great way to wrap up an early morning of birdwatching.

This bird event happens twice a year so don’t delay. Get out and enjoy what nature sends our way!

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