Sundowner at Sage Safaris

When Sarah and Jake Dusek first told me about the Sundowners they were doing north of Havre I wasn’t sure what all it would entail. Patterned after an African-style event, a Sundowner is where you watch the sun set and enjoy beverages and finger foods. That sounded pretty good to me!

We preceded the Sundowner with a game drive. Five of us and Jake traveled in his suburban around their farm in search of game. The first thing we saw was a covey of Huns (Hungarian partridges) and there were about a half dozen that we flushed. It seemed as if we were almost on top of them and then they took off! All of us were surprised and none of us were ready with cameras.

We also saw sharp tailed grouse and then we stopped at an old barn and saw great horned owls. Gosh, those things are huge. Pheasants were also seen in several different areas. I took a photo of one and the ground cover was so good that I still can’t locate the pheasant in the photo, even blown up on my computer screen. It really was there! The finale was a herd of antelope and there must have been 50 in the herd.

Habitat restoration at Sage Safaris has played an integral role in keeping and increasing game on their farm. Crested wheat grass and bunch grass seemed to be great for birds. Grain stubble is also there and I think that’s where we found the antelope.

After our game drive we headed back to where there are two wall tents set up and an adjacent kitchen/bath facility. Sarah had an outdoor firepit going and a delicious array of wonderful food for us to nosh inside. Some of the best cheese I have ever eaten – yum! Thanks Sarah! Typically you would enjoy food and beverages outside but chilly temps threw a little curve in that plan.

The sun was beginning to set so we headed outside with cameras. I snapped away and was pretty satisfied that I had captured a beautiful sunset. Then, the sun started to set again! What I thought was sunset was a horizontal cloud above the ground so, round two of sunset began. Needless to say, I have a lot of sunset photos.

Sage Safaris offers two styles of vacations – one where you can stay in a wall tent (glamping – glamorous camping) and do activities such as clay pigeon shooting, hiking and game drives and one where you also stay in the tent but you can hunt.

The wall tents are very amazing. They have beds with linens, a wood burning stove, table/sitting area, dresser and a deck. Pretty spiffy camping!

Sage is located about 25 miles north of Havre, Montana fairly close to the US/Canadian border.

It was a delightful and unique evening and we had wonderful hosts who were eager to share their land and lifestyle with us.


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