Still Underground in Havre

Our tour of Havre’s underground, named Havre Beneath the Streets, was a whirlwind due to some scheduling challenges. But, we all came away with some fun photos.

This picture shows just how photo-happy we were! Everyone was snapping photos in the Sporting Eagle Saloon.

The saloon is fairly large for a business underground. Havre Beneath the Streets organizers found several items when doing restoration work on the underground. One was a mirror, now hanging behind the bar. They also found photos so they have set things up as they were in the photos.



This photo is from a businessman’s underground office. Shorty Young was quite an entrepreneur in Havre and had some pretty spiffy digs under the streets. Notice the nice chandeliers, large wooden desk and of course, a couple of decanters.

Havre Beneath the Streets offers an amazing tour!

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