More Scarecrow Photos

I couldn’t resist taking photos of just about all of the Scarecrow Festival entries in Stanford last Saturday. I had tossed the idea around to do an entry, then struggled with what to do. It is amazing how¬†people come up with these ideas.

This entry was at the Judith Basin Press, Stanford’s weekly newspaper. The scarecrow is obviously a reporter/photographer and I liked it. To top it off, the entire side of the building was lined with flowers that were still looking beautiful.






This entry was outside of the Wolves Den, a local restaurant. Underneath the concrete bench is a black wolf and wouldn’t you know, that’s Little Red Riding Hood sitting at the table!






This entry was at the end of Main Street and was very colorful. Lots of work!

I have many more photos…keep watching and I’ll post them¬†soon.



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