More About Our All Day Ride

This is a great photo of part of our group when we took a break during our ride at 7 Lazy P guest ranch. The rugged mountains in the background had a little bit of snow for contrast, the trees were beautiful and what about those smiles! That says more than anything.

We ate lunch in a meadow with our horses tied nearby. As we ate and visited we found out our wrangler not only knows how to be an awesome wrangler, she knows quite a bit about local flora and fauna too. She also is a farrier (horse-shoer) and has made a unique belt buckle out of horseshoes. We are impressed at her welding skills and encourage her to market the buckles. Let’s hope she does!



Here’s another great photo from our ride. I took so many photos because my camera had barely come out of its case during our days of rain.

We were riding in the mountains but the elevation gain was easy to handle, both going up and coming down.




Our descent was such a relaxed pace. We had been warmed by the sun and I think we just didn’t want the ride to end. I rode ahead of the group and caught them as they crossed the clearing in this photo. We rode a bit farther and then Laura stopped. She had spotted something on the mountainside ahead of us. It turned out to be two black bears although one was black and one was cinnamon colored. We watched the bears zig-zag across the mountainside looking for bugs. When we got back to the corrals Chuck got out his binoculars and we watched them again. The cinnamon bear was very pretty and looked like a big rust-colored sphere on the mountain. It was a great ending to an already spectacular day.

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