Mill Falls Hike With Pine Butte Naturalist

Our hike to Mill Falls was a relaxed walk through the pines.

Elevation gain wasn’t noticeable and the weather was cool but we had a break from the rain. We are in the Lewis & Clark National Forest and trails are well-signed. The US Forest Service office in Choteau, MT manages this area of the forest and they have maps and plenty of information if you are planning a hike.

Vegetation was thick in this area and you can see (almost) how the trees look fuzzy with growth on the bark, probably moss, but I’m not going to name it for fear of getting it wrong!



This photo doesn’t do justice to Mill Falls. It was a pleasant surprise at the end of our walk.

Throughout the Lewis & Clark National Forest there are gems like this, most fairly accessible with a short hike.

Pine Butte staff seems to know this area like their own back yard…OK, it IS their backyard! It was fun to do some exploring, also to learn as the staff naturalist showed us different vegetation. My head is swimming with species names of all things growing and I should have been taking notes.

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